Rouen Cathedral, Normandy, France

Professor Azeddine Driouich
University of Rouen, France

Professor Jill Farrant
University of Cape Town, South Africa


           Professor William Willats
           Newcastle University, United Kingdom



           Dr Jonatan Fangel and Dr Julia Schuckel
           University of Copenhagen, Denmark

       Dr Yu Gao
      Centre for Viticulture and Enology
      Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

          Professor Johan Trygg
         Umea University, Sweden

Professor Xin Deng
IB-CAS, Beijing, China

Professor Simon McQueen-Mason
Department of Biology
University of York, United Kingdom


Provider of Cell Wall Antibodies and Probes:

Professor Paul Knox
University of Leeds, United Kingdom


Professor Stephen Fry, Edinburgh Cell Wall Group:

Plant Cell Walls, The Basics, hosted by the CCRC, Georgia, USA:

Professor Henk Schols, Wageningen, the Netherlands:

Dr Marie-Christine Ralet and Dr Fabienne Guillon - Biopolym√®res Interactions Assemblages-BIA, Nantes, France:

Dr Zoe Popper, NUI Galway, Ireland:

Professor Dorothea Bartels, University of Bonn, Germany:

Professor Gregory Gambetta, ISVV Bordeaux, France:

Professor Simone Castellarin, Wine UBC, Canada:

Dr Thierry Doco, SupAgro Montpellier, France:

Professor Encarna Gomez-Plaza, Murcia, Spain:

Dr Ana Margarida Fortes, Lisbon, Portugal:

Professor Bimalendu Ray, Burdwan, West Bengal, India:

Professor Mario Pezzotti, Verona, Italy:

Professor Marcia Braga, Institute of Botany, Sao Paolo, Brazil:

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